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Tuesday, 19 February, 2019

Facts About China:
Natural Disasters
In 1976 an earthquake in Tangshan claimed the lives of around six hundred and fifty thousand people.

An earthquake at Yunnan killed over three hundred people and injured many thousands in February 1996. Less than a year later, a quake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale left 44,000 people homeless in Zhangbei (150 miles from Beijing), over fifty people dead and many thousands injured.

At the beginning of 2008 China experienced some of the worst snow storms for fifty years.


Information for Leaders

Maximizing The Games For God

Short-Term teams have a wonderful opportunity to serve China through the 2008 Olympics. This can be done in a variety of ways and should be carefully prayed about in order to bear lasting fruit. Pride is the biggest problem with short-term teams, humble hearts are needed in those who will come to China to serve and bring honor to the Lord. We welcome teams that are small, flexible, and mobile who will do simple, relational and reproducible ministry, and who are willing to be led by the Spirit.

We are asking groups to take a relational approach to this outreach. Come, build relationship, fellowship with our brothers & sisters, and out of those relationships, allow Gods ministry plans to surface.

Rather than say we are working with the House Church, the TSPM or Expatriates in each location, we are encouraging teams to find "Kingdom People", which may be totally different from town to town. This may be a factory owner in one town, a mayor in another town, a TSPM church pastor, a university pastor, or House Church contact. The list is endless.

Teams should engage in the market place and meet people where they are ~ among migrant workers, in factories, apartment complexes, etc.

Instead of pursuing opportunities that require permits and official approval, pursue relational opportunities where your China contacts already have permission. For example, ask an apartment owner to do a festival in the center square of their apartment complex or a factory owner to do a creative arts performance for their employees.

Groups who want to send teams for the China Games outreach must first send a leader to China on a familiarization trip. This trip will provide leaders the opportunity to establish needed contacts in China. This should then be followed-up by building relationships with hosts in country, who will provide the foundation for mission team ministry. We will not be able to provide venues or ministry opportunities for groups who have not sent leaders on Familiarization trips.

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