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Monday, 21 October, 2019

Facts About China:
Terracotta Army
The Terracotta Army set up to protect the Emperor Qin in his tomb probably included around eight thousand life-size figures. All the figures carry real swords, spears or bows and the metal weapons were still sharp when discovered.

Come Serve

So, you want to take a team to China!

There are many avenues that you can serve China. Teams should be small, flexible, and mobile, led by the Spirit, with a simple, relational, and reproducible approach to ministry.

10 Practical Steps to Going

1. Pray!
2. Order a Beijing & Beyond Equipping Kit (available on the resource page)
3. Make initial communication with your China Ministry contacts. See how you can serve them. If you are new to work in China, send your team leader on a China Familiarization Trip to establish contacts in China.
4. Establish and maintain ongoing communication with China Ministry contacts.
5. Recruit and develop your team. REMEMBER: Teams should be small, flexible, and willing to do simple, mobile, reproducible ministry while being led by the spirit.
6. Use the ''Preparation Schedule'' available in the Leaders Handbook and Team Workbook (available on the resource page)
7. Begin to gather your team on a regular basis for prayer, team building, and cultural sensitivity training.
8. Begin training your team by using the training DVD & Team Workbook.
9. As a team, learn as much as possible about the target group and area that you will be serving in China. This is vital for your team so that hearts will be broken for China and her people.
10. Pray! Continue to seek the Father's will for your trip.

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