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Monday, 10 December, 2018

Facts About China:
Natural Disasters
In 1976 an earthquake in Tangshan claimed the lives of around six hundred and fifty thousand people.

An earthquake at Yunnan killed over three hundred people and injured many thousands in February 1996. Less than a year later, a quake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale left 44,000 people homeless in Zhangbei (150 miles from Beijing), over fifty people dead and many thousands injured.

At the beginning of 2008 China experienced some of the worst snow storms for fifty years.


Come & See

"China is a massive thing, still hidden in the mists...to understand China, you must come to grips with tradition."
—A contemporary Chinese philosopher—

China has a glorious past spanning 50 centuries. There are scores of great achievements in Chinese history, including art, philosophy, literature, drama, dance, and politics. Chinese inventions such as gunpowder, silk, and paper money have become ubiquitous.

But the past 150 years have seen widespread death, destruction and disillusionment. Civil wars, invasions, floods, earthquakes, and famines have claimed literally tens of millions. Christians have suffered for their faith as well, and some still do.

However, the Chinese are resilient people. They liken themselves to bamboo: "The winds may blow, and we will bend, but not break".

The Chinese believe that their nation is now on the brink of a glorious future. The past 25 years have seen amazing growth economically. Many millions have moved from rural settings to cities. Prosperity has begun to touch them. A National pride swelled when Beijing was named the site of the Summer Olympics in 2008. The world's eyes are on China.

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