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Friday, 15 January, 2021

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Chinese Wildlife
Chinese wildlife includes tigers, leopards, snow leopards, monkeys, yaks and giant pandas. The birdlife includes peacocks, parrots, cranes and storks.

Privacy Statement


ServingChina.com respects the need to maintain the privacy of information obtained over the Internet. The following describes our policy regarding the collection and use of any personal information that we may obtain when you visit .

Our objective is to obtain only the information that is necessary to provide an efficient search for options and opportunities that suit you. This will be a customized experience for our users. By knowing the needs of individual users, ServingChina.com can deliver information that meets those needs and ensure that your visit is quick, easy, challenging and productive.


ServingChina.com collects personally identifying information about visitors to its web site only when you

(i) register indicating that you wish to receive customized information, or

(ii) supply information necessary to gain access to one of the password—protected areas within our site. This will allow you to explore opportunities the Lord might have for you in a completely confidential manner.

When you supply information about yourself, that information will be used to provide you with customized information and allow you access to a password-protected area of this site so as to be able to take advantage of the services offered within this password-protected area.


ServingChina.com will only make available to our partner organizations the information you provide for the sole purpose of determining whether or not there is a logical fit for you within their organization based on your skills, talents and passions. ServingChina.com will not disclose any of your personally identifying information to any other third party unless you have specifically authorized such disclosure or unless such disclosure is required by law or is necessary to protect the safety of other users, partner agency personnel, employees or property.

ServingChina.com will not use any personal information you supply for the purpose of soliciting donations unless providing financial support is an area where you have specifically expressed interest.


ServingChina.com does not send unsolicited mass email. If you receive an unwanted email from us, you can request that we not send you any further emails by replying to the message with instructions for having your name removed from our list.


When you visit the site as a self—registered user, our servers may send you a request to place a "cookie" on your computer. Cookies are pieces of information that a web site transfers to the hard drive of an individual's personal computer. The information that is stored will make your future visits to easier and faster because it allows you to use the site without having to re—enter information upon each visit. Cookies are used when you request customized information from our site. They are also used to identify visitors when they return to the site. Cookies allow maintenance of information regarding the visitor's identity while at our site so that visitors need login only once. Without the use of cookies, the site will function but visitors might be required to login repeatedly during a single visit. ServingChina.com does not use cookies to retrieve information from your computer that was not originally sent to us by you. Nor do we use any information transferred through cookies for the purposes of marketing specific products or services, providing third parties with any information about our visitors or identifying specific individuals.


ServingChina.com is committed to safeguarding the security of information that it collects on its site. ServingChina.com require its employees and partner organizations to respect the privacy of such information and employ procedures and technologies so as to reasonably protect against the inadvertent disclosure of such information to third parties. You can feel reasonably confident that your information will be protected when you access our site. 

 ServingChina.com cares about your privacy and respects the value of your time spent online. We may change our privacy policy in the future, if we find that doing so will improve the functionality of our web site or result in a more efficient use of our customers' time spent in using the site. While we reserve the right to change, add, remove or modify portions of this privacy policy, we will always post the policy here for your examination and any such changes shall be posted for at least thirty (30) days prior to their becoming effective.


Refer any comments or questions to information@servingchina.com

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